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    Nilam Baniya Badu

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    Director & Principal

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    Neelam Baniya Badu has a rich educational background and extensive experience in educational leadership. She holds a Master's Degree from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, and a Bachelor's Degree from Texas A&M University, USA. As the principal of Gyan Sanskar International School, she is dedicated to transforming lives, nurturing visions, and fulfilling the dreams of students and parents by providing quality and holistic educational services.

Welcome to Gyan Sanskar International School.

We are glad that you are here.

I would like to welcome you to this unique new-age school where we aspire to transform lives, nurture visions, and fulfill the dreams of our students and parents.

We are delighted that you are considering Gyan Sanskar as a probable institution for your children. Education is a life-long investment and hence, we have curated curriculums and amenities to ensure that our students can make the best out of their foundational years. We are driven by our guiding principle to provide quality and holistic educational services.

At Gyan Sanskar, we understand that the needs of every child can be different; and that everyone needs a safe, happy, caring, and nurturing environment to grow and prosper.

Hence, we have partnered with various national and international educational organizations to provide our students with real and pragmatic learning opportunities.

Our students will be involved in hands-on inquiry based experiential learning at our outdoor center. We aim to provide tools to enhance the life skills of our students so that they can be creative, empathetic and responsible citizens.

We want our students to be problem solvers, critical thinkers and decision makers who can change our society for the better.

We aim to lead our children on a path where they have genuine love and respect for their fellow students, parents, educators, wider community and the country.

We have paid utmost attention to various teaching methods, staff development, and the new technological advances. With a team of dedicated and experienced administrative and academic staff, Gyan Sanskar will ensure that the academic and holistic aspirations of our students will be adequately addressed.

I trust that in the pages that follow, you will gain some useful information about our educational programs and other activities that will inspire you to join us. Do not hesitate to contact us for further guidance and support as you browse through the prospectus. On behalf of Gyan Sanskar, I wish you the very best!


– Nilam Baniya Badu

Principal & Director